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A Tale of Three Cities
Assassination Classroom
Cat Funeral
Every Thing Will Be Fine
Kidnapping Freddy Heineken
Love Detective
No Escape
The Gunman
Hero 2015
Hollywood Adventures
Knock Knock Who's There?
The Assassin
The Emperor In August
Undercover Duet
2D INSIDE OUT (English Version)
Hill of Ilha Verde
Hungry Hearts
Wild City
Attack on Titan
Jimmy°¶s Hall
Paper Towns
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Space Heroes
I Kissed a Girl
To The Fore
Mission : Impossible Rogue Nation
The Tribe
2D INSIDE OUT (Cantonese Version)
2D Monster Hunt
3D Ant-Man
2D Minions (Cantonese Version)
2D The Young and Prodigious T.S Spivet
Hong Kong Trilogy
Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery (Special Screening)
Court (Special Screening)
MOMMY (Special Screening)
WHITE GOD (Special Screening)
Roger Waters The Wall (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
What is MAN? (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
Designers Inbetween (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
Maker (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
Beltracchi °V The Art of Forgery (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
Iris (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
3D Cathedrals of Culture Part I (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
3D Cathedrals of Culture Part II (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
The Salt of the Earth (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
AMY (MOViE MOViE Festival: Life is Art)
International Boy Shorts II(HKLGFF2015)
Finding Phong(HKLGFF 2015)
Fourth Man Out(HKLGFF2015)
Carmin Tropical(HKLGFF2015)
Everlasting Love(HKLGFF2015)
In The Grayscale(HKLGFF2015)
Those People(HKLGFF2015)
Beautiful Something(HKLGFF2015)
Henry Gamble°¶s Birthday Party(HKLGFF2015
That°¶s Not Us(HKLGFF2015)
Queer Shorts(HKLGFF2015)
The Summer of Sangaile(HKLGFF2015)
Wonderful World End(HKLGFF2015)
All About E(HKLGFF2015)
International Boy Shorts I (HKLGFF2015)
Nasty Baby(HKLGFF2015)
Red Wine in the Dark Night(HKLGFF 2015)
How to Win at Checkers(HKLGFF2015)
I Am Michael(HKLGFF2015)
Jess & James(HKLGFF2015)
Addicted to Fresno(HKLGFF2015)
Asian Shorts(HKLGFF2015)
Coming Out(HKLGFF 2015)
Girl Shorts(HKLGFF2015)
My Fair Wedding(HKLGFF 2015)
Thanatos, Drunk(HKLGFF2015)
The Barber of Seville (Paris Opera 2015)
Echoes of the Rainbow
An Autumn°¶s Tale
Now You See Love... Now You Don't
City of Glass
Boat People
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
Laugh, Clown, Laugh
The Wall
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (NT Live)
Of Mice and Men (NT Live)
A Streetcar Named Desire (NT Live)
Skylight (NT Live)
The Great Beauty (bc sunday)
Reality (bc sunday)
Me and You (bc sunday)
Twice Born (bc sunday)