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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
God Help The Girl
The Liar and His Lover
Zombie Fight Club
Let's Be Cops
Rurouni Kenshin Part 3
Sifu VS Vampire
The Continent
Paradise in Service
Dracula Untold
Gone Girl
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him
Flirting In The Air
McDull. Me and My Mum
The Maze Runner
Begin Again
My name is hmmm...(Special Screening)
THE ACT OF KILLING (Special Screening)
Sepideh (Special Screening)
The Missing Picture (Special Screening)
Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? (Special Screening)
The Congress (Special Screening)
LOVE'S NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE (Spanish Film Festival 2014)
ESTRELLA (Spanish Film Festival 2014)
Ivan the Terrible (Bolshoi Ballet 2014)
Romeo and Juliet (Bolshoi Ballet 2014)
Swan Lake (Bolshoi Ballet 2014)
The Nutcracker (Bolshoi Ballet 2014)
The Legend of Love (Bolshoi Ballet 2014)
La Bayadere (Bolshoi Ballet 2014)
The Pharaoh°¶s Daughter (Bolshoi Ballet 2014)
Coriolanus (National Theatre Live)
A Chinese Odyssey Part Two - Cinderella
A Chinese Odyssey Part One - Pandora's Box
Fong Sai Yuk II
Fong Sai Yuk
Paragon of Sword & Knife (Concluding Episode)
Paragon of Sword & Knife
Festival Moon
Only Lovers Left Alive (bc sunday)
Snowpiercer (bc sunday)
I Am Love (bc sunday)
The Limits of Control (bc sunday)
We Need to Talk About Kevin (bc sunday)
Faust (bc Sunday)
My Father and Son (HKAFF 2014)
On the Way to School (HKAFF 2014)
Times and Winds (HKAFF 2014)
Waiting for the Clouds (HKAFF 2014)
In the Absence of the Sun (HKAFF 2014)
Meeting Dr. Sun (HKAFF 2014)
The Coffin Maker (HKAFF 2014)
The Furthest End Await (HKAFF 2014)
Court (HKAFF 2014)
Revelation of Ghost Marriage (HKAFF 2014)
Sivas (HKAFF 2014)
The Bandit (HKAFF 2014)
The Girl with the Red Scarf (HKAFF 2014)
Angel's Fall (HKAFF 2014)
Han Gong-ju (HKAFF 2014)
Gyeongju (HKAFF 2014)
New Dragon Gate Inn (HKAFF 2014)
Remake, Remix,Rip-Off (HKAFF 2014)
The Way (HKAFF 2014)
Anger + Triangle(Johnnie To segment) (HKAFF 2014)
Winter Sleep (HKAFF2014)
The Empire of shame (HKAFF 2014)
Au Revoir l'ete (HKAFF 2014)
Dragon Inn (Restored Version) (HKAFF 2014)
A Dream of Iron (HKAFF 2014)
Wadjda (HKAFF 2014)
Fantasia (HKAFF 2014)
Imagining Evan Yang (director's cut), Thin Dream Bay (HKAFF 2014)
Love in Chilly Spring (HKAFF 2014)
Our Family (HKAFF 2014)
Red Amnesia (HKAFF 2014)
The Rose of the Name: Writing Hong Kong (Director's Cut) (HKAFF 2014)
Fuku-chan of Fukufuku Flats (HKAFF 2014)
Midnight marathon (HKAFF 2014)
Peeping Life (HKAFF 2014)
Uncle Victory (HKAFF 2014)
A Hard Day (HKAFF 2014)
Design 7 Love (HKAFF 2014)
Flares Wafting in 1983 (HKAFF 2014)
Hill of Ilha Verde (HKAFF 2014)
The Search (HKAFF 2014)
The Silent Holy Stones (HKAFF 2014)
Dearest (HKAFF 2014)
I Sell Love (HKAFF 2014)
Old Dog (HKAFF 2014)
The Sacred Arrow (HKAFF 2014)
It's Me It's Me (HKAFF 2014)
Zero Motivation (HKAFF 2014)
Still the Water (HKAFF 2014)
Breakup Buddies (HKAFF 2014)
Hope (HKAFF 2014)
Love and Duty (HKAFF 2014)
My Man (HKAFF 2014)
Tada's Do-it-all House (HKAFF 2014)
Tada's Do-it-all House: Disconcerto (HKAFF 2014)
The Ravine of Goodbye (HKAFF 2014)
Airport (HKAFF 2014)
Hill of Freedom (HKAFF 2014)
One On One (HKAFF 2014)
Red Passage (HKAFF 2014)
Sea Fog (HKAFF 2014)
Taipei Factory II (HKAFF 2014)
The World of Kanako (HKAFF 2014)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (HKAFF 2014)
Killers (HKAFF 2014)
Make Me Shudder 2: Mae Nak Horror (HKAFF 2014)
Tokyo Tribe (HKAFF 2014)
Over Your Dead Body (HKAFF 2014)